The Eluvio Content Fabric

A Live Webcast for Content Providers

Michelle Munson Serban Simu

With the Founders Michelle Munson and Serban Simu

Recorded on May 20, 2020

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SUMMARY - The Eluvio Content Fabric is a new global substrate for management and distribution of premium video content at Internet scale in ways never before possible.

Content publishers can distribute premium video experiences, including live, on demand and linear, direct to consumers and partners without CDNs, cloud stacks, transcoding services or databases.

On Wednesday, May 20th we recorded this live 2-hour webcast highlighting the technology, capabilities, and use cases of next-gen entertainment properties on the Content Fabric.

Demonstrations include:

  • How to use the Content Fabric as one simple, high performance, low cost backend for premium video distribution
  • A look at customer use cases for mobile and web (S/A)VoD OTT streaming, high quality screening, content licensing, and composed live/linear channels
  • How to:
    • Monetize large video libraries or streaming sources instantly in multiple OTT properties with no republishing/redistribution
    • Reuse source media and metadata to dynamically build and distribute program versions without file copies
    • Harness ultra low-latency distribution and dynamic content playout to serve OTT channels faster and more cheaply
    • Use the built-in smart contracts to enforce content distribution rights, and prove audience views
    • Use the dynamic code linked to the media and ML tagging to create new gamified and personalized experiences
    • Service assets in a verifiable source of truth linking media, metadata and code and simplify your supply chain

The Content Fabric combines innovation in content-centric design, ML, blockchain ledgers, A/V processing, and programmable media.

Founders Michelle Munson and Serban Simu and our core team of innovators show you how to onboard your content and organization, and answer your questions.

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