The Ecosystem


Serving Everyone

The Eluvio Media Platform is an open software layer running on top of the Content Fabric. Smart Media applications can exploit the features of the fabric to serve Content, engage users, and exchange user attention for value in ways today’s clouds, CDNs, and social media networks can not.

App Development

App Development

  • A full set of open APIs are available for app developers
  • Resources for presentation and streaming APIs, publishing APIs, bitcode APIs, and dynamic content are available at github.com/eluv-io
Media Platform


  • The platform empowers content owners with a variety of direct monetization opportunities
  • Marketplace options include: linear channels, pay-per-view/subscriptions (no ads), dedicated sponsorship, open market sponsorship, interactive sponsorship, and more
Open Network

Open Network

  • The Content Fabric uses open protocols and runs as a global network of nodes across North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific
  • Publishers can publish files and streams directly or extend the Fabric with private nodes due to the extensible and open design
  • Transparent and cost-effective: no egress, inter-network or transit fees

Key Features of our APIs