For Developers - Content Fabric APIs

ABR Streaming

The Content Fabric APIs allow developers to embed the Fabric for end user streaming of 4K/HD/SD video. The Fabric serves standard adaptive bit rate (ABR) formats (DASH, HLS) to web, mobile, and TVE platforms, with DRM packaging.

Getting Started:

Source code and documentation for the Sample Streams application demonstrating 4K content streaming from the fabric is provided in this repository. Also contained in this repo is a step-by-step getting started application for serving video from the Fabric. These use the Eluvio JS Client APIs.

Content Management

The APIs also allow developers to publish and manage content and metadata, manage the contracts associated with content objects, and deploy and manage dynamic code ("bitcode") that executes on a content object. All content objects are versioned. The APIs allow for querying the current and past versions of a content object, and executing version proofs as content is read.

Getting Started:

See the Eluvio Client JS APIs, and the underlying Content Fabric REST API.

Other sample applications are available in the Eluvio GitHub Repo.